Looking After Yourself

Trying to take care of yourself is important whether you are thinking about suicide or worried about someone else’s thoughts of suicide.

Looking after yourself can feel difficult at times but can help you to cope with difficult, painful thoughts and feelings. Consciously taking care of yourself can also help you not to get exhausted or overwhelmed, and remind you that you deserve compassion and care, as we all do.

Here are some ideas about different ways you can take care of yourself:

  • Eat well and nourish your body
  • Take some exercise that you enjoy
  • Enjoy a shower or bath
  • Try meditating
  • Watch a movie or some TV that you love
  • Take time to read something you are interested in
  • Plan an adventure of some kind, however small
  • Create something with your hands
  • Start a journal
  • Spend some time outdoors in nature
  • Go for a walk and take photos
  • Cook a good meal for yourself

You might want to create a Wellness Plan to help you keep yourself as well as possible..