PIPS Charity is here to provide support to individuals who are considering, or who have at some point considered, ending their own lives. PIPS also provide support to those families & friends who have been touched by suicide.

PIPS Charity offers a ‘no appointment needed’ service to ensure there is always someone to contact for a chat when a person might feel vulnerable, might be at risk of suicidal behaviours or is simply in need of assistance/guidance.

PIPS is your light in the dark. When a person comes to PIPS for help, they will be spoken to immediately and a stay safe/support plan will be put in place. We have an open door policy, you will not have to wait days or weeks to see a counsellor/therapist.

In addition to providing this immediate support, PIPS acts as a gateway to other services. We provide a wrap-around service so that nobody feels alone. Alongside our talking therapies, we can provide befriending services, advocacy support and complementary therapies to help you and your family members relax & destress.

We are available 9am-9pm Monday to Friday and 2pm-6pm Saturday and Sunday.